Use Your Head

We were young ‘uns.

I was maybe 6, my sister 4. We were in a front yard in New Ulm, MN, with our parents and Aunt and Uncle.

There was a metal/tin for sale signing hanging in the yard. I was having a grand time running at the sign, pushing it up with my hands and running through. My sister, however, would run at the sign and push at it but without the required strength to run through. She would run and run, but she was denied everytime.

Finally, out of frustration, I yelled, “Amy! Jeez! Use your head!” And so she did.

She ran at the sign, arms at her sides, and used her head.


Even if there is lasting damage done, it’s a funny story 🙂



One thought on “Use Your Head

  1. Come on now! There’s not THAT much permanent damage done! Enough brain damage that I still willingly claim you to people!

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