Unexpected Encounters in Seattle



I forgive you for not reading my last blog post. Consider it water under the bridge.


Hello, again! Today I’m giving you 5 thingie things from the Emerald City (thingie things? Who am I?). Why 5? Why a list? Because thinking of 10 makes my brain hurt, and lists are fun. Let’s begin!

1. The Troll under the Bridge. Visit this guy in the Seattle ‘hood of Fremont. It’s well worth the trip, as the neighborhood itself is cute and offers a lot of shops and restaurants to check out (note: any borough that extracts the word ‘cute’ from these lips is worth a visit).


Bug eater.


2. Biking until your legs are numb is a genuinely blesséd feeling. Also blesséd? Eating your weight in garlic smoked salmon. These are not mutually exclusive.


My good side.


3. Coffee COFFEE Cofffffee CoFfEe coffercoffeecoffee cccoofffeee COFFEEEEEEEEE! (You get the picture.)


Pour-over bliss.


4. Cows are curious.


Excuse me? What’d you say to me?


5. Colleen loves her saison, and wants you to as well. Cheers!


This one was so good, I think I’ll have 5 more.


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