Abby Wambach To The Future

Defeat sucks. Whether it’s Robin getting beat to death by The Joker, or my whey-whipped stomach getting manhandled by that she-bitch lactose, it sucks. Suckity-suck-sucks. Four years ago, I watched the Women’s World Cup from my apartment in Chicago. In the Semi-final game, The American women stunned Brazil with a last minute goal to tie […]

Unexpected Encounters in Seattle

    Hello, again! Today I’m giving you 5 thingie things from the Emerald City (thingie things? Who am I?). Why 5? Why a list? Because thinking of 10 makes my brain hurt, and lists are fun. Let’s begin! 1. The Troll under the Bridge. Visit this guy in the Seattle ‘hood of Fremont. It’s […]

What’s your neutral face?

Last Monday in my acting class a fellow student brought up the idea of a characters/actors neutral face Or mask What this refers to is the face that one displays when we are simply being listening waiting in between the expression on our face when we are just sitting there As an actor this can […]

Leaving Your Mark: Randyn Groebner.

Back in the late 90’s and early aughts, we left our mark everywhere. Didn’t we, Randyn? First, by digging our heels into our neighbors yard; pummeling the grass so relentlessly that nothing green would grow there. All that were left were two boot sized craters, perfect for planting our feet, squaring up, and preparing ourselves […]